This Four Seasons — Reading Comprehension Worksheet will help your students build their reading comprehension skills while reading a poem about the seasons. First, read the questions.

Then, read the passage. As you read, underline or circle key words or phrases in the passage that are key details.

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

After reading, use the passage to help you find the answers to aligned questions. Check out these Main Idea Graphic Organizers to use as a way for students to organize their ideas as they are reading. Before reading this passage, you may review different reading strategies that students should use as they read marking the text, reading questions first, etc. Then, have students work independently or with a partner to use the passage to find the answers to aligned questions. After reading, have students share answers to the questions and provide supporting using details from the text.

Be sure to check out more Reading Comprehension Worksheets. You must be logged in to post a review. Preview Resource. Four Seasons — Reading Comprehension Worksheet. How to teach Reading Comprehension This Four Seasons — Reading Comprehension Worksheet will help your students build their reading comprehension skills while reading a poem about the seasons.

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Who wouldn't like to play in the rain during a spring shower? Or swim at the beach on a hot summer's day? In this informational book, students will learn the seasons that these activities are usually associated with, as well as some of the characteristics of each season.

Photographs of children enjoying seasonal activities such as carving a pumpkin and building a snowman will help students make text-to-self connections. Reading Strategy Connect life experiences and use prior knowledge to understand informational text.

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Seasons Reading Comprehension

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seasons reading comprehension pdf

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seasons reading comprehension pdf

History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Four Seasons Reading Comprehension Passages. Four Seasons : 5 close reading passages about the four seasons.

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seasons reading comprehension pdf

Four Seasons Reading Comprehension Packet. This is a reading comprehension passage with wh questions,multiple choice questions, graphic organizer and drawing activity for all four seasons. Plus it includes a picture and sentence sort at the end! WorksheetsHomeworkPrintables. The no prep reading compre.Year 5 Science - Unit 5E Earth, sun and moon. This science resource covers facts about the Earth.

Children must read the sentences and fill in the missing words. Children must match the words on the left with their correct meanings on the right. Children must read the facts about each planet and decide which planet is being described. Children must think of their own rhyme to remember the planets in order.

Children must find the words hidden in the grid. Use this table to record your planet information. A reading comprehension about astronauts with study questions to follow.

Test your students' knowledge about the Solar System with this fun quiz! This KS2 science resource includes some interesting facts about asteroids. This KS2 science resource is all about the Earth's orbit. How long does it take the Earth to rotate on its axis?

The planets in the solar system orbit which star? Students read through the article and answer the questions.

What Causes Seasons?

This KS2 reading comprehension is all about the four seasons and what causes them. An interesting KS2 reading comprehension about the universe.

Students read through the article and answer the study questions. This KS2 reading comprehension includes some interesting facts about galaxies. An email has been sent to your account please activate your account to continue. PrimaryLeap has introduced a new interactive learning platform and would like to offer you a completely Free Upgrade.

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By closing this message and continuing to use the site you consent to cookie use by primaryleap. Worksheet Scoring Worksheet Downloads. Prev Next. Year 5 Science 1 Our planet.Parts of the earth about half-way from the Poles and the Equatoreither South or North, usually experience four seasons.

A season is a period of the year which has different temperatures, weather patterns and changes in nature from the other periods. Seasons occur because while the Earth rotates around the sun each year, it is tilted on its axis. One half, called a hemisphereleans toward the Sun, and one half leans away. Regions near the equator or the Poles don't have changes in season.

The Northern Hemisphere leans toward the sun for one half of the year, resulting in more sunlight and warmer weather.

For the other half of the year, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, resulting in less intense sunlight and cooler weather. While the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying warm weather, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun and experiencing cooler weather. The months of September, October and November are usually considered Fall months. December, January and February are considered Winter months. Spring includes March, April and May.

Finally, June, July and August are summer months. In the Fall, the weather is cool, crops are harvestedapples ripen and are picked. Leaves turn red, yellow and brown and then drop to the ground.

School begins. Piles of raked leaves can be found in many places throughout regions with Fall season. Halloween is celebrated this time of the year, and pumpkins can be seen in some parts of the country. Animals begin to store up food for the winter. Some get ready to hibernate during the long, cold months of the winter. The Winter months bring frost, very cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain.

People like to ski, go snowmobiling, ice skate, go for sleigh or sled rides or build snowmen. Others like to sit inside in front of a warm fire. Usually, driving can be dangerous due to icy roads. Plants either are dead or not blooming again until spring.

Some animals have trouble finding food. Many people celebrate Christmas by bringing an evergreen tree into their houses to decorate. The new year begins during the winter on January 1 st. Spring brings warmer temperatures and new growth on trees and plants. Beautiful flowers bloom. Sap runs in the maple trees, and maple farmers collect the sap to boil into maple syrup. Farmers plant seeds so that crops can be harvested in the Fall.Comparing Numbers.

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Division Basic. Division Long Division. Hundreds Charts. Multiplication Basic. Multiplication Multi-Digit. Ordered Pairs. Place Value. Skip Counting. Telling Time. Word Problems Multi-Step. More Math Worksheets. Reading Comprehension Gr. Reading Comprehension. Reading Worksheets. Graphic Organizers.

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Word Families. More Phonics Worksheets. Build Sentences. Sight Word Units. Sight Words Individual. More Early Literacy. Subjects and Predicates. More Grammar Worksheets.Reading comprehension refers to whether or not a student understands a text that they have read. At higher levels, comprehending a text involves making inferences and understanding implicit ideas.

seasons reading comprehension pdf

Some students struggle with reading comprehension. These reading comprehension worksheets should help you provide remediation to these students. Fictional Passages Jacob the Great Comprehension Test — Students read a short story about a kid cycling through hobbies and then answer comprehension, inferential, and literary element questions.

Each story features an exciting twist or a valuable lesson.

The Four Seasons

This test covers some basics of the game of kings. This test is for earlier readers, but the multiple-choice and long response questions are rigorous and aligned with Common Core State Standards. Learn about the history of television and answer multiple-choice and long response questions in this reading test.

Then answer multiple choice and extended response questions. Read about this classic game and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. Learn about the rich history of this legendary amphitheater, and then answer multiple-choice and extended response questions. Learn about the most exciting mail service ever offered in this text and answer multiple-choice and extended response questions based on the passage.

You should have them read this passage. The author makes a very compelling case. Then you should make them answer the multiple-choice and extended-response questions after they are done reading, because that will help them become more thoughtful readers. Learn about how different animals survive the winter and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. The author challenges these students in this short persuasive piece, complete with multiple-choice and extended-response questions after the passage.

Learn about this cultural phenomenon in this short text and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. Learn about why in this reading passage and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions.

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Reading Comprehension Test — E. Learn why while answering reading comprehension questions in this awesome nonfiction reading test. Take it from Koko, a gorilla who can communicate in sign language.

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