Apex Legends players live and die based on their mastery of its fast-paced combat and movement.

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That makes it all the more important that your settings in Apex Legends are tuned to produce the best FPS. Luckily, even modest GPUs like the GTX shouldn't have a problem locking down 60fps at p, let alone the more powerful best graphics cards. Apex Legends is built using Valve's Source engine, and based on our testing runs well on a wide variety of hardware.

But to maximize your framerate, here's what you need to know. Fullsize image. Along with resolution, v-sync, and aspect ratio, there are 13 settings you can adjust. There's also a fps framerate cap in place, at least if you do the 'normal' thing and disable vsync. Turns out, you actually need to set vsync to 'dynamic' if you want a fully unlocked framerate. There are no presets available, so all settings need to be manually adjusted, and many appear to have a minimal impact on performance, though in aggregate you can boost performance quite a bit in going from maximum to minimum quality.

Here's a brief rundown of the settings, along with the measured difference in performance:. TSAA drops performance about 3 percent. Texture Streaming Budget: Despite the 'streaming' part of the name, this just appears to be texture quality or resolution.

Dropping from Insane to None improved performance by around 6 percent. Usually this doesn't affect performance much on modern GPUs, but switching from 16x anisotropic filtering to bilinear filtering improved performance about 6 percent. Ambient Occlusion Quality: This setting affects performance the most, and it affects the quality of SSAO the shadows in corners and such.

Dropping from high to disabled improves performance by about 15 percent. Sun Shadow Coverage: Appears to control the amount of shadows from the sun, probably some form of global illumination. Setting to low instead of high boosts framerates about 5 percent. Sun Shadow Detail: As opposed to the amount of sun shadows, this controls the detail of the sun shadows. Setting to low vs. Spot Shadow Detail: Affects the detail of shadows cast by point lights in the environment ie, not the sun or global illumination.

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Disabling boosts framerates by 3 percent. Volumetric Lighting: Determines whether sunbeams ie, God rays are cast. Disabling improves performance by about 6 percent. Dynamic Spot Shadows: Controls shadows from lights that can move.

Disabling this in my testing caused no change in performance, though the specific scene might affect it more. Model Detail: Adjusts the maximum level of detail for objects and characters. Dropping to low improves performance by about 6 percent. Effects Detail: Determines the quality of visual effects like explosions, which makes this difficult to measure as testing during combat ends up being highly variable.

There was no observed impact on performance in limited testing, but that didn't include a combat scene. Impact Marks: Controls where and how many bullet marks show up.Apex Legends is one of the hottest battle royale games around, but crashes are making the experience less addictive for PC players.

Reportedly, a lot of Windows users are getting the Apex Legends Engine Error when trying to launch the game. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed. The engine errors are creating a huge fuss among Apex Legend players, but do not worry anymore. This article will help you fix the problem in no time. Apex Legends constantly crashes with Engine Error at launch? Here are some of the fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem:. Your game might be showing an engine error if it does not have proper administrative privileges.

Try playing your game as an administrator and see if the issue is resolves. Here is how you can do it:. The error might be caused by a game file corruption.

apex legends texture error

Do as follows:. A lot of Apex Legends players reported that rolling back to the older version of the graphics driver resolved the issue for them. Here is a quick guide to doing it:. GPU overclocking can mess up your PC performance if not done the right way. Many gamers were able to get rid of such errors by simply removing the GPU overclock. Your game might be missing a command line from the Registry leading to the engine error in Apex Legends.

All you need to do is add that command line using the steps below:.

How to fix out of sync with server issues on Apex Legends

So proceed at your discretion. Click on the File and select Save as. Save the file as fix. Then click Save. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Related Articles. Close Search for.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

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Thread starter toxicwarrior7 Start date Feb 15, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software PC Gaming. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Feb 14, 94 5 35 8. Whenever I play Apex Legends on my laptop, there is a glitch with Nox's head.

It turns all of the pixels around his head black and they all move with his head. I won't be playing on the laptop much longer because of the specs, but this is the only way to play as of now. Phazoner Honorable. Jul 2, 16 11, Update your drivers and ultimately reinstall the game. Great to see that the game can run in such a powerless GPU. Mar 13, 10, 13 51, 1, I'll try it, but it isnt a dark halo.

It is a 1 square inch part of my screen that has his head on it that goes completely black Every other texture is fine. Phazoner said:. You must log in or register to reply here.

apex legends texture error

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apex legends texture error

Post thread. Started by pastorcalebhein Yesterday at PM Replies: Started by p4r4digm Today at AM Replies: 0.February - last edited February Keep getting this error mid way through every game I've played and I'm unable to run in full-screen or border-less.

I've tried updating, uninstall and reinstall and repairing the game. February Hi seefreezzy and welcome to Answers HQ! If that doesn't work I would attach a dxdiagfile to your thread so people have a better chance of helping you:. Me too, exactly same error. I had same problem after updating nvidia driver and i was blaming it but So i checked what exacly this error means couse its known error sience heres what i found:. This was happening to me createtexture error, however I had my page file turned off because of SSD life.

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Turned it back on and no crashes since. If your page file is off, try turning it on again. I used system managed size. You are right, all because of the paging file, and the game does not want to work without it. It also stands on the SSD so it was turned off. I had to turn on and even put as much as 30GB, because after about 2 hours of play, it is filled with 20GB. Thank you, this solved my crashed. It was all the page file after all.

Now that I let windows manage it, uses around 9gb with this game, couldn't say I feel confortable with but, well, I guess it couldn't harm the SSD, am I right? This widget could not be displayed.

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Apex Legends – How To Fix Crashing, Freezing, Download Error, And More

Take Survey No, Thanks.Apex Legends black textures bug fix — Experiencing black textures in Apex Legends? Here is how to fix it. It is basically a bug or glitch where most of the skins on the Legends and weapons appear completely black. No matter what skin you equip on your character or weapon, it will appear dark black.

The bug arrived with the latest System Override Collection Event update and is quite similar to a bug that was in the game a while ago where black pixels would appear randomly on the screen. And it is not because of your system hardware as the famous Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect, who obviously has a really powerful gaming rig, faced this issue as well.

So is there a way to fix it? A lot of you might think that the fix to this bug must be really complex. But it is not. Though the bug sounds pretty complex but the fix for it very simple.

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I have already seen a lot of users reinstall the game completely. Do not do that! Here is how to fix it:. The whole process will verify the in-game files of the game on your system and will download if some are missing. It will take few minutes so be patient. It all comes down to how powerful your PC is, if it is powerful then the process would be quick. But if it is not then it might take some extra minutes. And that is all you need to do. You might have to download close to 16 GB of necessary files after the verification is complete.

It is actually pretty frustrating if you ask me, having to downloading 16 GB of data just after downloading a huge 16 GB update is no joke. If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing problems that are not mentioned on this article then also you can comment below. We will try come out with a fix.The game offers a fast-paced combat system similar to Blackout and eight different characters who have unique abilities.

As always the release of a new game brings some sort of problems and although this battle royale has been optimized pretty well. So in this guide, you will find some list of problems, errors, and bugs which some of the players are facing.

There have been reports from several players that their game is either crashing or freezing. If the above steps do not work then most likely your system is either overheating or it might be something else and you need to wait for the Devs at Respawn to release a new patch. If you are having this error than most likely your internet service provider is auto-blocking servers of Apex or it might be completely something else. Once the download finishes, start the game.

This error makes it impossible for players to sync their storage. If the above method does not work then simply uninstall the game and the origin client and then install the whole thing.

Crashing And Freezing There have been reports from several players that their game is either crashing or freezing. Update your Graphics Card driver.

Try running the game in borderless window mode which can be changed from the video settings. Also, try changing Vsync to Adaptive from video settings. First, you need to download any VPN service. After installing it activate it with the default setting. Method 1 Start the origin Launcher. Click on the origin tab on the top left side corner of the menu. Finally, disable cloud storage. Method 2 The second method involves uninstalling the origin launcher and then removing registry entries.

Once you have done that restart PC, install Origin and then play the game. Method 3 If the above method does not work then simply uninstall the game and the origin client and then install the whole thing.PC players of Apex Legends reports about random crashes during the game. This guide will help resolve this problem.

This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed. Sometimes, Origin may incorrectly install game itself and reinstallation of the game may help. To do this:. Try playing Apex Legends. The problem with the failure should be solved after restoring the game through Origin. One of users from EA forum solve this problem by disabling overlays, other applications and by lowering the NVidia Graphics driver to By other applications means software, that displays the overlay on top of other windows.

If you have any of these, try turning them off before running Apex Legends.

[Fix] Apex legends Engine Error- DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

If the Nvidia Graphics Link to the official NVidia website. You can also temporarily turn off voice communication programs: Skype, Discord, etc. And if the game freezes, then go to the task manager and disable everything that consumes a lot of RAM and takes the processor power.

After disabling overlays and installing the Nvidia Graphics Engine Error must be resolved. Source: EA. Last Opinions. To do this: Open Origin on your PC. On the Apex Legends screen, click on the Settings gear icon right below the play button.

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Select Restore from the list of options. Wait for the restore process to complete. Once this is done, restart the computer. Alternative way to solve this error One of users from EA forum solve this problem by disabling overlays, other applications and by lowering the NVidia Graphics driver to Other methods If the above options did not help, it would also be helpful: Lower the graphics settings in the game.

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